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World War II - Washington Post Newspaper Book - Gift Details

The Washington Post newspaper book uses reprinted coverage from DC’s flagship publication to create a fantastic reportage history of the key events of World War II.

Coverage predictably begins with the German invasion of Poland in September 1939. Thereafter, the book moves onto look at the Nazis’ incursions into other parts of Europe, including Denmark and one-time ally, Russia. All the while, the Post’s editorial stance was reflective of the American mood in general – namely, that to ignore Hitler’s aggression and expansionism in favour of neutrality wasn’t neutral at all. Rather, it was un-American.

The unprovoked Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 then features in depth, along with America’s response. From here on in, the book goes on to provide an extensive number of reports on the theaters in the Pacific, Europe and Africa...

There’s plenty to read on the campaign in Algiers and the Allied efforts to crush Rommel’s Panzer Corps, while Italy’s capitulation in ’43 and the D-Day landings on the French beaches in ’44 also feature at great length. And as you’d expect, it’s not just the Army that get their share of the limelight. The roles played by both the Air Force and the Navy are also highlighted in great detail.

And with the tide of the war having long been turned, the book rounds off events with a number of reports that detail the unravelling of the Nazis’ war machine. Indeed, throughout the early part of 1945, the book details Allied success in around the Rhine and the Ruhr, before looking at the fall of Cologne, Munich and Berlin. Hitler’s death is also featured, prior to both VE Day and Japan’s nuclear-induced surrender.

Your Washington Post Newspaper Book is bound in a leatehrette cover, with the recipient's Name embossed on the cover for free, for a truly special gift.

Your Gift Personalized

Your World War II book can be personalized by adding the recipient’s Name and a Message to the certificate label on the title page.

The recipient’s Name can also be ‘gold –embossed’ on the front cover of the book for free.

General Information

The book measures 12.5 x 15”, bound in a leatherette cover, finished off with gold embossing on the front.

World War II - Washington Post Newspaper Book

  • Reprints of original Washington Post reports from throughout World War II
  • Personalized with Any Name, a Message and Optional Embossing
  • Bound in a leatherette hardback, embossed in gold for free
  • Incredible articles, coverage and key headlines
  • Measures in at an impressive 12.5 x 15”
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          World War II - Washington Post Newspaper Book

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