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Washington Post Korea Book - Gift Details

The Washington Post newspaper book uses reprinted coverage from DC’s flagship publication to create a fantastic reportage history of the key events of the war in Korea.

Coverage begins on June 26, 1950, following the previous day’s events in which 75,000 soldiers from the North Korean People’s Army poured across the 38th parallel – the boundary between the Soviet-backed north and the pro-Western Republic of Korea to the south.

By early July, the book covers the news that American troops had begun landing in Korea, with the 24th Division attempting to stall the socialist threat. Indeed, US officials viewed the conflict as a war against the forces of international communism – a view reflected in the newspaper headlines at the time, which frequently made reference to the ‘Reds’.

Throughout the rest of 1950 and the duration of ’51 and ’52, the book focuses of the back and forth fighting. Casualties mounted with little for either side to show for it. And although the US and its allies achieved total naval supremacy, the battle on the land was in stalemate. The result was the beginning of armistice talks, but as the book clearly shows, these dragged on for two years.

Only by the Spring and Summer of 1953 was a truce imminent. Starting in March and concluding with the signing of the Armistice Pact in July, the book includes all the major reports that help paint a picture of the ongoing efforts to secure peace. It wasn’t a moment too soon – despite lasting only three years, the war had cost the lives of over five million people.

With our Washington Post Newspaper Book, the book itself is bound in a leatherette cover, along with the option to gold-emboss the recipient's Name on the front of the book.

Your Gift Personalized

Your Korea War book can be personalized by adding the recipient’s Name and a Message to the certificate label on the title page.

The recipient’s Name can also be ‘gold –embossed’ on the front cover for free.

General Information

The book measures 12.5" x 15” and is bound in a leatherette cover, finished off with gold embossing on the front.

Washington Post Korea Book

  • Reprints of original Washington Post reports from throughout the Korean War
  • Personalized with Any name, a Message and Optional Embossing
  • Bound in a leatherette hardback, embossed in gold for free
  • In-depth articles on the Korean War from 1950
  • Measures in at an impressive 12.5" x 15"
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