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Washington Post 30's Decade Book - Gift Details

The Washington Post newspaper book uses reprinted coverage from DC’s flagship publication to create a fantastic reportage history of the key events throughout the 1930s.

The 1930s was quite a decade, crammed full of social upheaval, bloody intrigue and no small amount of interest in events across the pond. So what are some examples of what you can expect to find?

The ‘Crime of the Century’ gets plenty of the limelight, with reports on the kidnapping of the Linbergh’s baby son in 1932. The discovery of the toddler’s body some months later also features, along with the eventual trial and execution of Bruno Hauptmann in 1935 and 1936, respectively.

Other eye-catching headlines include John Dillinger’s robbery of an Illinois bank in 1934 and Amelia Earhart’s fateful flight over the Pacific in 1937. There’s also coverage of FDR’s first two election victories in 1933 and 1936, as well as reports on the death of various former presidents and Britain’s George V.

And speaking of events in the UK and Europe, there is, as you’d expect, plenty of detail on the cataclysmic events unfolding as a result of Hitler’s aggressive rearmament and expansionism...

Your Gift Personalized

Your 1930s Decade book can be personalized by adding the recipient’s Name and a Message to the certificate label on the title page.

The recipient’s Name can also be gold-embossed on the front cover of the book for free.

General Information

The book measures 12.5 x 15” and comes in a green hardback that’s finished off with gold embossing on the front. Features 90 stories + two cover pages (contains 102 pages in total).

Washington Post 30's Decade Book

  • Reprints of original Washington Post reports from throughout the 1930s
  • Personalized with Any Name, a Message and Optional Embossing
  • Bound in a green leatherette cover with gold embossing
  • You can emboss your cover for free
  • Measures in at an impressive 12.5 x 15”
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Washington Post 30's Decade Book

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