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LA Times 30's Decade Book - Gift Details

The Los Angeles Times newspaper book uses reprinted coverage from this dominant U.S publication to create a fascinating reportage history of the key events throughout the 1930s.

Opening at the time of The Great Depression, you’ll read articles all about how the Empire State Building was under construction and of the mass migration of Mexican citizens when it begun in 1931.

Also included in the book are newspaper reports about when Roosevelt was elected as president in 1932, his political reign and attempts to recover the economy. Guiseppe Angara's attempted assassination is also covered in the book.

The emergence of Nazism in Germany appears in articles as early as 1931, covering the German bank crisis and Hitler's appointment as chancellor in 1933. By 1938, the headlines are dominated by impending war in Europe as Germany advances on Austria and other neighboring countries.

Sporting achievements were aplenty during the 30s and are covered frequently throughout the book, as are the Summer Olympics, which were held in Los Angeles in 1932 – a worldwide multi-athletic event. Due to the Great Depression, many athletes were unable to pay for the flights and compete. The longest dive and auto speed records are both broken during this decade also.

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Your 1930s Decade book can be personalized by adding the recipient’s Name and a Message to the certificate label on the title page. The recipient’s Name can also be gold-embossed on the front cover of the book for free.

General Information

The book measures 12.5 x 15” and comes in a green hardback that’s finished off with gold embossing on the front. Features 100 stories + two cover pages (contains 102 pages in total).

LA Times 30's Decade Book

  • Includes reprints of original LA Times reports from throughout the 1930s
  • Personalized with Any Name, a Message and Optional Embossing
  • Bound in a green leatherette cover with gold embossing
  • You can emboss your cover for free
  • Measures in at an impressive 12.5 x 15”
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LA Times 30's Decade Book

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