Transaction Fees

Simply Personalized is a US company based in Rahway, New Jersey and part of Signature Gifts Inc with international offices and production facilities.

As a multinational organization we are aware that a small minority of banks within the US are now applying an international transaction fee on certain credit cards.

Simply Personalized is unfortunately not able to determine whether this fee will be applied prior to any transaction, and due to it being a charge applied by the bank will receive no notification that this has occurred.

To apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused Simply Personalized will refund any fee applied by banks incurred by our customers. This will be processed immediately upon receipt of your credit card statement highlighting the value to be reimbursed.

In any instances that this has occurred we encourage you to contact your card-issuing bank to learn more about this fee and to file a complaint. Simply Personalized will continue to collect information on this from customer reports in order to lobby the companies applying this and reverse the fees.

Tel: 1-732-381-2366

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